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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes a House call to Honolulu

AOC stumps for Ing, aiming to stoke a progressive wave Read More »

Neighbors, employees, animal advocates express concerns with Maluafiti

Hostile confrontations, public verbal abuse, mismanagement of a nonprofit to the detriment of its animal beneficiaries paint a troubling picture about the candidate for State Senate. Read More »

Energy leadership

An artist captures the spirit of gubernatorial candidate Colleen Hanabusa's vision for Hawaiʻi's energy future. Read More »

NOAA drops illegal “take” charges against Hawaiian cultural practitioners

The Federal agency may have thought it was doing its duty in enforcing tenets of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, but the agency's lack of knowledge and understanding of Hawaiian culture and the protected rights of practitioners resulted in a violation of civil liberties that could have been prevented with better communication. Read More »

How Hawaii’s Berniecrats won the state convention

While the self-styled Progressive Wing of the Hawaiʻi Democratic Party was unable to fend off a coordinated establishment effort to elect a corporate lobbyist as party chair, they dominated the rest of the 2018 convention. Read More »

Board of Water Supply-proposed rate increase intended to prepare us for 21st century challenges

As O‘ahu's population is projected to increase by around 100,000 over the next 22 years and the effects of global climate change continue to strain O‘ahu's resources, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply is planning to hike rates to pay for repairs and maintenance necessary to keep up with demand for drinking water. Read More »

Graduate students to Saiki: union-busting unacceptable from a Democrat

The students protested the Speaker's decision to discharge conferees on a bill that would allow them to form a union, directly challenging the Kakaʻako–Ala Moana representative. Read More »

Everything you need to know about the Coco Palms eviction, part 2

Competing claims to the land at Wailua are rooted in an historic fraud perpetrated by a notorious swindler and facilitated by the president of the Provisional Republic, presenting challenges to the legality of the deed held by the Coco Palms Hui. Read More »

Everything you need to know about the Coco Palms eviction, part 1

A group of Hawaiian konohiki—stewards or caretakers—works to restore the ecosystem at the mouth of the Wailua River even after a judge ordered their eviction to make way for a proposed development with problematic funding sources and a dubious claim to the land. Read More »

Movement on state chlorpyrifos ban, neonicotinoids and glyphosate restrictions

Hawaiʻi lawmakers in the House Ag and Environmental Protection committees advance tough regulations against harmful pesticides for the first time. Read More »

#MissileAlert could mean federal control over states’ alert systems

But does the move miss the point when it comes to keeping Hawai‘i free from the threat of nuclear attack? Read More »

Hōkūleʻa to sail into Pearl Harbor for the very first time

The voyaging canoe will visit Puʻuloa or “Long Hill,” a place full of history, tragedy and, perhaps, hope as well. Read More »

One year after Trump, Women’s March brings progressives together, looks toward November

As resistance remains strong, the movement expands and sets its sights on the upcoming 2018 elections with its “Power to the Polls” message. Read More »

Saving David Ige

What bold, progressive move should the governor make to secure the progressive vote on August 11? Members of that community weigh in. Read More »

Nuclear Wake Up Call

Flawed interface design can be easily fixed: The real missile mistake is militarism. Read More »

Why we should oppose agribusiness mergers like Monsanto-Bayer

Such mergers raise serious antitrust concerns and threaten the democratization of food supplies and global self-determination. Read More »

The Rail tax special session: what happened to our representative democracy?

How the rumble over Rail has fractured relationships between legislators, between O‘ahu and neighbor island constituents, and dangerously eroded trust in our representative democracy. Read More »

A dreamer’s reality

The story of one of Hawaiʻi’s 315 DACA recipients and his family’s struggle to thrive in America Read More »

Israel lobby’s targeting of BDS would have a chilling effect on political dissent

Far from being about protecting Jewish people from discrimination, proposed legislation that would outlaw the boycott of Israeli-made products and practices over political beliefs is, in fact, a danger to First Amendment rights. Read More »

10 questions for the new police chief

ACLU Hawaii to Police Commission: "The appointment of a new chief of police marks a turning point in the City and County of Honolulu as it is a unique opportunity for the leadership of the Honolulu police to regain the trust of the people they serve." Read More »

Jailed state

Three practical reasons to reduce Hawaiʻi's incarcerated population through investment in community-based restorative justice programs rather than through construction of a new, $1.3 billion prison. Read More »

Rep. Quixote and the vanishing turd

Gene Ward's nonsensical urine bill still won't do anything to remedy our state's houselessness epidemic, no matter how much he believes in it. Read More »

Campus speech in the age of Trump

The importance of free speech and activism on university campuses Read More »

Rep. Ward’s new urine bill is crap

When will our lawmakers realize that bills criminalizing the houseless won't fix the problem? Read More »

Voting for a change

Why Dave Mulinix broke state law to cast his electoral vote for Bernie Sanders Read More »

EPA complaint leveled against Syngenta for Kauai practices

Alleged farmworker safety violations in Syngenta's Kauai test fields have brought about a formal complaint from the Environmental Protection Agency just as councilmembers there prepare to discuss a repeal of the county buffer zones and pesticide disclosure ordinance. Read More »

A public trust – for private benefit?

The Land Board’s acquiescence to corporate control of Hawaiʻi's resources represents the state’s continuing failure to uphold its fiduciary duties. Read More »

Gabbard’s supposed progressive alignment questioned by Hawaii lawmaker

The Congresswoman did not sign a letter from the majority of House Dems condemning Trump's Bannon appointment; today she met with him at Trump Tower in New York City Read More »

Red Hill has “high potential for catastrophic environmental loss”

The Board of Water Supply wants the Navy and its regulators to engage in a much more rigorous review of the grim situation and its possible solutions. Read More »

Bob McDermott needs to shut up about sex ed

The socially conservative state rep. is doing his constituents, and all the children in Hawai‘i's public school system, a disservice with his continuing crusade against the BOE's new comprehensive sexual education policy Read More »

McCarthy’s ghost

Civil rights boycotts are a form of protected First Amendment expression because they are, too often, the last peaceful means available to an oppressed people and their supporters in calling for justice. Read More »

Former Cancer Center director failed to disclose major financial conflicts of interest

Dr. Michele Carbone violated federal regulations when he failed to disclose both his additional annual income from expert testimony in asbestos litigation and the $4.3 million gift he received from a company involved in ongoing asbestos litigation that he is using in his mesothelioma research. Read More »

Aha may fail to give Hawaiians true self-determination

As OHA and Na‘i Aupuni push forward toward the election of delegates to a Hawaiian government convention, the U.S. government is paving the way for Hawaiians to become federally recognized as a tribe. Read More »

Supreme Court rejects Kyo-ya’s bid to build new Waikiki hotel

Hawaii’s highest court has overturned a city variance granted to Kyo-ya Hotels that would have allowed them to construct a new building along Waikiki Beach outside the developmental restrictions enacted for the Waikiki Special District. Read More »

Land is power in Honolulu Hale

All nine Honolulu council members and the mayor owe their positions, in large part, to donors with strong ties to Hawaii’s powerful land development interests. Read More »

BLNR to discuss Pohakuloa lawsuit on Friday

The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, which represents the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, will offer testimony at Friday's board meeting. So can you. Read More »

TPP protesters stand for self-determination, democracy, the environment

Several hundred gathered at Kaanapali beach yesterday for a demonstration against the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal being negotiated in secret on Maui this week. Read More »

Sanders campaign kicks off with 24 gatherings across Hawaii

Supporters of progressive Democratic contender for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, are holding 3,520 kick-off parties across the U.S. today, with 103,249 confirmed so far. Read More »

UHM faculty condemn academic freedom violations

The university's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources has restricted and violated one of it's own professor's academic freedom, and a group of his professional colleagues are speaking out against his mistreatment. Read More »

What killed Hawaii’s sex trafficking bill?

A step in the right direction toward combating sex trafficking in Hawaii has been torpedoed by some of the very people trying to end the exploitive practice; the evidence points to internal political squabbling as the reason. Read More »

State attempts to torpedo Kapu Aloha

A proposed “emergency rule” on the BLNR’s Friday meeting agenda is aimed at breaking up the encampment of protesters on Mauna Kea—the only thing stopping the Thirty-Meter Telescope from being built right now. Read More »

Prosecutor pushes governor to veto anti-sex trafficking bill

Hawaii's progressive sex-trafficking bill is in danger of being vetoed by the governor, at the Honolulu prosecutor's urging. Read More »

TPP fast-track legislation passes, but the fight is not over Neighbor island data confirms houselessness on the rise

The state released the neighbor island data from its 2015 Point in Time count today and, in all counties but Kauai, the number of houseless citizens has increased. Read More »

Republican reps ask Souki to stand down on ethics commission complaint

State reps. Ward and McDermott say the speaker has overstepped his authority, praise commission's executive director, Les Kondo, for his firm enforcement of the state ethics code. Read More »

Study shows sit-lie laws have worsened Honolulu’s houseless problem

A new study shows the city's policy of “compassionate disruption” and its accompanying sit-lie laws cause significant property and economic loss, physical and psychological harm and very likely violate certain constitutional rights. Not only that, they make it much harder for houseless people to get off the streets and into permanent housing. Read More »

Mauna Kea lawsuit heads to Hawaii Supreme Court

The Hawaiʻi Supreme Court now has two telescope-related lawsuits on its plate, the other being the Solar Telescope case on Maui. Read More »

Okinawa governor visits Hawaii, asks for solidarity

Among important issues to Okinawans both in Hawaii and Okinawa is the proposed new military base in Henoko and the U.S. military presence in general. Read More »

OHA pushes forward with Nai Aupuni despite concerns

Despite vocal opposition and community concerns raised at OHA board meetings in late April, 2015, the board has decided to go forward with a nation building process spearheaded by a new organization: Na‘i Aupuni. Read More »

Asphalt stockpiling resumes in Kamilo Nui Valley

Resident concern is mounting over asphalt, debris and water flow impacts on the valley. Read More »

HSTA election debacle headed to the courts

The campaign team that received a majority of votes during the union's recent officers election has announced that it intends to sue to overturn the recent decision to throw out the election results and hold a new election. Read More »

The toxic truth

We trust our government to keep us safe through the regulation of companies like Monsanto and of products like Roundup; but should we? Read More »

Solidarity between Hawaii, Okinawa on U.S. militarism

Last week, protestors of another planned U.S. military base in Okinawa rallied outside the Japanese embassy in a show of solidarity with Hawaiians and other occupied indigenous peoples around the world. Read More »

Hawaii to adopt 100 percent renewable portfolio standard

Together with bills on solar PV and UH energy goals, HB623 accelerates the state’s energy push to 100 percent renewable by the end of 2045. Read More »

OHA stops short of opposing TMT

The trustees decided that the neutral "rescind" option was a more strategic move than outright opposition, but many of the gathered members of the Hawaiian community were visibly (and audibly) disappointed that OHA did not take a stronger stance on the issue. (Includes video footage.) Read More »

Sovereignty pains

The journey toward self-determination for Native Hawaiians does not come without its own form of growing pains. Read More »

Kauai delegation delivers strong message to Syngenta, Swiss lawmakers

A group of Kauai residents has been in Switzerland educating the Swiss public and shareholders of Swiss company Syngenta about the company's use of pesticides in Hawaii and its lawsuit against Kauai County, much to the chagrin of the company itself. Read More »

Mauna Kea and the awakening of the lahui

Multiple generations of campaigners are rallying around Mauna Kea as a symbol for the larger issues of self-determination and Aloha ʻĀina in what is becoming one of, if not the, largest mobilizations of Hawaiian activism in decades. Read More »

Maui hospitals to begin workforce reduction

Ige's public/private solution to the Maui hospital crisis may come too late for some hospital workers. Read More »

Conferees begin to hammer out final budget bill

The Hawaii House and Senate finance committees begin negotiations on the final version of the state's 2015 budget bill. Read More »

Kauai delegation heads to Syngenta’s home country

The delegation seeks to gain support for pesticide regulation here in Hawaii from leaders in Switzerland, where GMO cultivation and the use of many restricted use pesticides is already banned. Read More »

Balfour passes WTL

Despite valid concerns raised by Native Hawaiian and environmental advocacy groups, Sen. Thielen's committee on water and land voted to advise the senate to consent to the governor's nomination of Bill Balfour to the state's water commission. Read More »

Balfour: strike two for David Ige?

Balfour's record during his prior term on the Water Commission shows how inappropriate a choice he is; Ige risks a second failed nomination only a month after the Ching fiasco. Read More »

A Carleton Ching redux?

The governor's choice to fill a vacancy on the state's Water Commission is just as bad as his first choice to lead the DLNR. Read More »

Uber misses its ride

Why multi-billion dollar transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft should be regulated under the same laws and held to the same standards as local taxi companies. Read More »

Building an indigenous coalition for radical resistance to colonialism

We talk with Kanaka Maoli David Maile about indigenous coalition The Red Nation's efforts to unite different native people in radical resistance to colonialism, and how Native Hawaiians can stand in solidarity with other native peoples. Read More »

Court rules navy training in Pacific violates laws meant to protect whales, sea turtles

Federal judge says feds wrongly approved plan allowing whales, dolphins, other wildlife to be harmed Read More »

The Carleton Ching withdrawal is a victory for Hawaii constituents

Regardless of whether you think Carleton Ching would fix the DLNR or favor developer interests that jeopardize our resources, the results of this strange confirmation process show that our voices can, and do, matter. We must stay engaged. Read More »

Community members allege desecration at North Shore heiau

Community members on the north shore led by anthropologist Malia Evans are claiming that a Waimea area land owner has damaged an ancient Hawaiian fishing heiau by stacking boulders up against it. Read More »

Are there “safe levels” of pesticide exposure?

The State Department of Agriculture released a report finding pesticide levels near Waimea Canyon Middle School to be safe, but pesticide-regulation advocates aren't buying it. Read More »

The irony of the U.S. military’s climate change spending

The debate over the recently released House Republican budget proposal has revealed that the United States military—one of he top polluters in the Pacific—is, in fact, very aware of the reality of climate change. Read More »

Outrageous: House gives 48 minute (not 48 hour) notice of hearing →

One of the bills on the last minute hearing agenda commits $100 million in state bonds to promote a motorsport center on parkland determined eligible to be declared a National American Battlefield by the National Park Service. More at Disappeared News »

Uber the top

Uber Hawaii's recent social media cry for protection against what it characterizes as crippling government regulation is going way uber the top for a $17 billion company that is, in fact, just another big business trying to maintain its profit margin. Read More »

Oahu communities roundly oppose Malaekahana development

At a press conference today, the opposition to Malaekahana development expressed their reasons for supporting zoning chair Ikaika Anderson's proposed amendments to Bill 47. Read More »

City Council to decide the fate of Malaekahana

Zoning committee chair Anderson will introduce amendments that would kill most of the controversial proposed “Envision Laie” development on the rural northeast coast of Oahu. Read More »

Hawaii lawmakers seek exemption from Jones Act

Members of both houses of the Hawaii Legislature have filed resolutions seeking a Hawaii exemption from the "domestic build requirement" within the Jones Act. Read More »

Pro-GMO farmer to lead anti-GMO district

Lynn DeCroite, a Molokai farmer with ties to Monsanto, was sworn-in today to the state House to represent District 13, which voted in favor of the Maui GMO moratorium. Read More »

State Senate schedules controversial confirmation hearing for DLNR

The Hawaii Senate has scheduled a confirmation hearing for controversial developer-lobbyist Carleton Ching, who was nominated by Governor Ige to head the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Read More »

GSO highlights bills to fix UH Manoa

The Graduate Student Organization at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has released its list of priority bills for this legislative session for students to testify on. Read More »

State bills would help rectify injustices caused by Honolulu’s “nuisance” laws

A brief rundown on three bills that would alleviate some of the unnecessary hardship inflicted upon our houseless citizens by city ordinances that target them unjustly. Read More »

Learning from the Cancer Center fiasco

A report confirming that Unit Director Michele Carbone ran the UH Cancer Center into the ground can teach us an important lesson about the systemic problems currently killing the University of Hawaii. Read More »

Senate bill would boost our food security

SB593 would require the Agribusiness Development Corporation to lease 50 percent of its land to local food production. Read More »

Army downsize proponents make themselves heard

Despite being outnumbered at the Army listening sessions, proponents of a dramatic Army personnel reduction were able to make a successful case for the full downsize. Read More »

Women’s Caucus targets violence, health and the high cost of living

The Women’s Legislative Caucus, consisting of members from both the State Senate and House, today announced a joint package of measures for the 2015 legislative session. Read More »

Conservationists mobilize against Ige’s DLNR nomination

More than twenty groups oppose Carleton Ching as new chair of the land and resource-management arm of the executive branch of the state government. Read More »

Opening Day provides sampling of Hawaii’s important issues

The activists and members of the public gathered in the rotunda for the opening day of the 2015 legislative session reflected a sampling of the issues and problems most important to those engaged in Hawaii's future. Read More »

Who owns the world’s wealth?

A new report by Oxfam shows that one percenters will soon own more than half the world's wealth and recommends solutions to close the gap between the world's ultra rich and desperately poor. Read More »

Do not judge

The Hawaii Independent perspective on the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack. Read More »

Voice your opinion on new Mauna Kea lease

The public has 30 days to comment on the environmental impact of UH's proposed new master lease for the Mauna Kea Science Reserve. Read More »

No new day for school empowerment

A pair of new studies show decentralization of the DOE saw little progress over the past four years—will our new governor have more success? Read More »

Report: Municipalities advance LGBT equality ahead of states, federal government

The state of LGBT equality in cities across the nation, including five Hawaii cities, is detailed in HRC’s 2014 Municipal Equality Index. Read More »

UH settles First Amendment lawsuit

Students no longer have to restrict protests to "free speech zones," seek administration approval for demonstrations. Read More »

UH budget crisis hits Mānoa graduate students especially hard

Many may lose their TAships, forcing them to halt or quit their own academic journeys, or risk going into debt from student loans. Read More »

Honolulu government clueless on houselessness

Homeless Awareness Week begins tomorrow, but recent Honolulu City actions demonstrate a serious lack of any such awareness. Read More »

Tsuji assigned House Ag Chairmanship

His assignment is a major example of the State House moving in the opposite direction from the Senate. Read More »

State Senate will lean left, House will go right

In analyzing the power shifts in leadership and committee assignments for the upper house of the Hawaii State Legislature, we predict a more liberal Senate in the 2015-16 Legislature. But the House will likely shift right. Read More »

Opposing views on Maui’s GMO moratorium

Leaders from the two sides of the GMO debate share their thoughts after Maui County voters passed a moratorium on further GMO production yesterday. Read More »

Bio-tech on the ballot

Today, voters in both Maui County and Kauaʻi County face decisions that will impact the bio-tech industry and the chemical companies that dominate it. Read More »

Kaka’ako community group urges HCDA overhaul

Kakaʽako Ūnited has sent a letter to the gubernatorial candidates asking that the next Governor of Hawaiʻi change the way HCDA does business. Read More »

Mānoa faculty demand System reform

A group of UH Mānoa faculty members have sent testimony to the Board of Regents urging the board to fix serious flaws at the System level. Read More »