Pacific Pivot

An open letter to President Obama and the members of the IUCN Congress
  • Verbatim
Anti-TPP protest planned for president’s IUCN appearance reflects party differences
  • Analysis

The protest, planned by Sanders delegates--many of whom are Democratic Party newcomers--will take place tomorrow outside the East-West Center Read More »

Will Caron
The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Pivot and Pathway
  • Discussion

The TPP and its corresponding and supporting military "pivot" have been impacting the lives of Pacific peoples for years through military-industrial buildups, the removal of indigenous self-determination, environmental degradation and wealth extraction. Read More »

Craig Santos Perez
Military build-up on Guam to go forward
TPP talks come to Hawaii
  • Analysis

TPP negotiators will be on Maui at the end of the month, hoping to bring the deal to a conclusion: What history will be made? Read More »

Andrea Brower
Petition to stop military base at Henoko passes 4,000
  • Petition
Okinawa governor visits Hawaii, asks for solidarity
  • News Report

Among important issues to Okinawans both in Hawaii and Okinawa is the proposed new military base in Henoko and the U.S. military presence in general. Read More »

Will Caron
Solidarity between Hawaii, Okinawa on U.S. militarism
  • News Report

Last week, protestors of another planned U.S. military base in Okinawa rallied outside the Japanese embassy in a show of solidarity with Hawaiians and other occupied indigenous peoples around the world. Read More »

Will Caron
A case for army downsizing in Hawaii
  • Discussion

Why the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii and our Congressional delegates have it wrong. Read More »

Bart Dame
Obama does not represent Hawaii
  • Essay

When it comes to the Obama Presidential Library, we're better off without it. Read More »

Tyler Greenhill
The true cost of Hawaiʻi’s militarization
  • Analysis

An examination of the costs and benefits of housing the U.S. military dispels the myth that Hawaiʻi would not survive without it. Read More »

Ikaika Ramones
Whales beware

Naval exercises like RIMPAC cause clear harm and distress to marine life including dolphins, fish and especially whales. Read More »

Manjari Fergusson
Kerry Reaffirms ‘Ambitious Agenda’ of U.S. Engagement in Asia and the Pacific

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a speech at the East-West Center on Wednesday confirming that, in the 21st century, United States foreign policy would be increasingly directed at the Asia-Pacific region. Read More »

Will Caron
U.S. government vows to defend environment—except when military is around

Why no one should be surprised over environmental exemptions granted to the navy during RIMPAC and beyond. Read More »

Will Caron
Blue-washing the colonization and militarization of Our Ocean

How U.S. Marine National Monuments protect environmentally harmful U.S. military bases throughout the Pacific and the world. Read More »

Craig Santos Perez
PMRF: Kaua‘i’s biggest bang is out of sight

A look at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kaua‘i and what the increasing military presence in the Pacific means for Hawai‘i and the world. Read More »

Jon Letman
Looking at the ‘tip of the spear’

How U.S. Military policy in Guam, a proposed “mega build-up” and population displacement are destroying the island and its people. Read More »

Craig Santos Perez