Tyler Greenhill

How the TMT reproduces sexual violence

What do rapists like Brock Turner or Harvey Weinstein have to do with the Thirty-Meter Telescope? They are deeply intertwined. Read More »

Who is Mark Blackburn?

Making sense of the wealthy donor who pulled his support of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa art department Read More »

Zombies on Bishop Street!

Resisting life among the living dead Read More »


How #luckywelivehawaii & #lethawaiihappen are helping to entrench colonialism in Hawaiʻi. Read More »

Police killings and education in occupied Hawai‘i

What Hawai‘i can, and must, learn from the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Read More »

I am a colonial settler

On the awareness and responsibilities required of settling in Hawaiʻi. Read More »

What oppresses Native Hawaiians oppresses us all

In recognizing that neoliberalism oppresses us all, and connecting the ways in which it does, we can learn to break free of its destructive hold over our society, both here in Hawaii, and globally as well. Read More »

On renaming Hawaii

De-memorializing the violence of colonial imperialism by abandoning the names of oppressors currently commemorated in our street, school and place names. Read More »

Come along and ride The Bus of change

Advocating for greater public participation in environmentally-friendly day-to-day practices and habits Read More »

Obama does not represent Hawaii

When it comes to the Obama Presidential Library, we're better off without it. Read More »