Ikaika Ramones

The true cost of Hawaiʻi’s militarization

An examination of the costs and benefits of housing the U.S. military dispels the myth that Hawaiʻi would not survive without it. Read More »

A new day in environmental protection?

Analyzing the success of the governor's A New Day in Hawaii plan promise to protect Hawaii’s environment and resources. Read More »

A new day in renewable energy?

Analyzing the success of the governor's A New Day in Hawaii plan promise to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on fossil fuel imports and increase efficiency. Read More »

OHA backs down from contesting the TMT sublease

After meeting on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of pursuing a petition OHA filed on July 7 to contest the Thirty Meter Telescope sublease, OHA's trustees have decided the agency will not attempt to block the project. Read More »

BLNR rules on Mauna Kea Telescope

The governing body for the Department of Land and Natural Resources approved the proposed sublease, despite ongoing contestation. Read More »

U.S. solicits public opinion on Hawaiian governance

The U.S. Department of the Interior is considering how and whether to establish government-to-government relations with the Hawaiian people. Read More »

Niʻihau family makes rare public address

On the last day of WiPC:E, the Robinson family, stewards of Niʻihau, spoke of maintaining the unique way of life still practiced on their island. Read More »

Competing visions for Kakaʻako

Most recent Kakaʻako town hall shows continued division between stakeholders. Read More »

CEO Crabbe calls for solidarity at WiPC:E

World indigenous Peoples Conference on Education keynote speaker calls for solidarity, both internationally and internally. Read More »

OHA Board deliberates in private