Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan

Council to debate Waianae land use plan, including Purple Spot
Residents raise concerns of gridlock, ‘homelessness,’ and industrial waste in Waianae plan
Samson Kaala Reiny
Above: Eagle Scouts from the North Shore area help carry supplies to build fence step-over structures, trail steps, and a water catchment at Kahanahaiki, a sub-gulch of Makua Valley. Below: The remnants of Waianae's "tent city" were carted off in caravans of vehicles in July. Bottom: The Waianae Small Boat Harbor was authorized in 1964, but no major construction took place until the late 1970's. The 300 boat development was finally completed in January 1979.
Development and Sustainable Communities Plans direct Oahu’s future, everyone has a say
Samson Kaala Reiny
A view of the dense urban portions of Honolulu from a plane just after takeoff from Honolulu International Airport.
Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan update available for review
Samson Kaala Reiny