Jade Eckardt

North Shore Editor
Homeopathy: Like something that cures some things
Mortar and pestle used for grinding insoluble solids, including quartz and oyster shells, into homeopathic remedies.
North Shore community proposes charter school for 100 students
The historic twin-span bridge over the Anahulu River at Haleiwa. Photo by Eric Guinther
North Shore residents stop redistricting of Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach on Oahu's North Shore is home to big wave surfing in the winter months. Photo by Eric Guinther
Wild donkeys take flight from Hawaii Island to LAX
Wild donkeys on the Big Island will have a better life in California. Phot by U.S. Humane Society
Turtle Bay developers propose $1.2 billion development of two hotels, 750 residential units
An artist's rendering of proposed "reduced density" development at Turtle Bay.
Photo by Jade Eckardt
Six schools meet state’s ‘Adequate Yearly Progress’ benchmark, many others in reform stages
Math and reading scores improved at 6 Hawaii schools, giving them adequate yearly progress status.
File photo
Sex, drugs, and education: An inside look at Hawaii’s schools
According to the National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XV: Teens and Parents, more than one quarter of public school students attend gang- and drug-infected schools. The 15th annual back-to-school survey also finds a 39 percent jump in middle schoolers reporting drugs used, kept, sold on school grounds.
Do Hawaii’s education standards line up?
Standardized tests have become the all-purpose benchmark in education.
Our energy future starts with the life we live today
Twenty pounds of chargers, wires, and electronics emptied from a single hand bag. Image from divasanddorks.com
Big wind on the bargaining table
Wind power has been on the table in Hawaii for decades. Photo by Tom Woodward