Monsanto Omega-3 soybean

Soybean fields at applethorpe farm
Part III. Healthy or hazardous? Critics say there’s no way to know for sure
Samson Kaala Reiny
Monsanto, known for producing Roundup Ready soy and cotton, is developing a new soybean, intended to be healthier for consumers.
Part II. New GMO soybean may one day be found in our food: Monsanto’s word is our only safeguard

Video: Michael Pollan talks about the impact of Monsanto’s new Omega-3 soybean Read More »

Samson Kaala Reiny
Author, food activist, and UC Berkeley journalism professor Michael Pollan has a conversation with The Hawaii Independent's Samson Kaala Reiny about Monsanto’s new genetically modified Omega-3 soybean, which is expected to be in supermarkets as near as 2012.
Part I. Monsanto’s new Omega-3 soybean: Healthy or hazardous?
Samson Kaala Reiny